SUCKERS is the concept for a Mixed Reality docu-fiction series that investigates the lives of Vampires living in Shanghai.

Through a mixture of semi-directed interviews, written short stories, and completely unscripted conversations, SUCKERS aims to learn about what it’s like to be a human being living in one of the world’s most bustling cities while the world itself seems to be going through an identity crisis.


Modeled after a poster celebrating the life of literary hero Lu Xun, this design attempted to take transform the relatively simple classic into something that reflected the surreal and slightly futuristic nature of the project.


The posters that audience members were required to find in order to experience the project were modeled after Chinese propaganda posters. The design of these posters would not have been possible if it weren’t for ChinesePosters.net, a website that features a wide collection of Chinese propaganda posters from throughout the decades. In addition to the images themselves, the site provides context around the posters as well as translations of the text on certain designs.


Untitled (Viewer)

While most posters were designed with individual episodes in mind, this one was designed to act as a poster for the series as a whole.

This particular poster was modeled after a design that attempted to link literacy with patriotism. Here, the book is replaced with a Virtual Reality viewing device to draw attention to the time period in which SUCKERS takes place.


Untitled (Couple)

This poster was designed to accompany an episode that followed a “mixed-species” couple. The episode aimed to give insight into dating in a digital world while also subtly addressing the topics of inter-racial and LGBTQ+ dating in today’s China.

The original poster was designed to commemorate the 1950 reformation of marriage law that aimed to give equal rights to women within marriages.


I created on-boarding images and promotional materials for SUCKERS using designs created with code — p5.js to be exact. This portion of the project was exciting, I got to wed two of my passions — code and visual design — in a way I had previously thought impossible.


Before I decided to create SUCKERS as an experience hosted on the internet, I toyed with the idea of the project existing as a stand-alone app. Through my break down of the UX design process, you can see SUCKERS while it was still in its early stages of experience development.