Kadallah is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative technologist using emerging technologies for social good. Right now, their research is in distributed artist and activist communities, while their art is currently focused on collaborative social art practice. 

Their work as a designer of ethical technologies has been recognized internationally by Microsoft, Intel, Biodesign Challenge, Cre8 Summit, and Zaojiu Youth. They have worked on projects showcased and performed in person at Munyu SpaceNafasi Art Space, Power Station of Art, MoMA PS1, and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and digitally in COMMON and in collaboration with the City of Seattle. Their work has been featured in Resident Advisor, China Daily, Kernel Magazine, Radii China, Brooklyn to Beijing, The Afrofuturist Podcast with Ahmed Best, GoFAR, and Speak Up! Speeches by Young People to Empower and Inspire. 

They are a co-creator of the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective, and a member of The Guild of Future Architects. They previously helped catalyze Currents.fm as one of the original team members.

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Conflux is a social art practice defined by remote creative collaboration. The practice, highly influenced by the fluxus movement, was conceptualized and first executed during the social distancing era of the COVID pandemic. I originally created the format and facilitated Conflux sessions for the Currents.fm community, where we completed Confluxes for:
︎a 16-track mixtape
︎single tracks
︎visuals in Figma

Since then, I’ve continued to experiment with Confluxes in different media. On April 20th, 2023, I helped produce ARC: CONFLUX with the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective. In the event, we taught 3 musical Conflux techniques, and piloted a new format for writing lyrics. In addition, the posters for the event were designed through a Conflux with 3 photographer, remixing each others work. 

On September 23rd, 2023, I helped produce ARC: Black To The Future with the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective, TEC Leimert, and The Music Center. The event took place across four locations, two in Nairobi, one in LA, and one online, with live streams, gather.town, and Bandlab connecting the participating musicians across the world.



Interactive Media Arts Capstone. Mixed reality docu-fiction series investigating the lives of vampires living in Shanghai.
Explored all aspects of production while aiming to learn about humanity through our diverse mythology around vampires.

The final iteration of the project was developed as a part of my capstone course work, but it is the result of merging two seperate inquiries: an exploration of UX design for XR and a docu-fictional approach to film making explored in two previous courses.



HYPER REEL is a tryptic of generative video collages that explore simulation, simulacra, and the singularity created in Unity. The generative nature of the project ensures that the audience’s experience is different on every viewing. All three sections source hundreds of video clips from movies, television shows, and YouTube videos as well as excerpts of text written by scientists and philosophers alike. Music for the “simulation” section was selected from three albums by futurebandit and worldgrinder.

VideoDigital Media


VTV / 僵视

2017 - 2018
Mixc ART Shanghai

VTV is an installation that blurs the line between reality and fiction; in this case, transporting audience members to a world in which vampires walk the earth alongside humans. However, rather than portraying the undead as horrific demons and bloodthirsty monsters, VTV to humanize them by recontextualizing existing vampire media. The piece was ultimately comprised of the physical installation designed to replicate a living room including a CRT TV and bluetooth remote control, four videos that acted as looping “channels,” and a p5.js sketch that provided the “backend” to the TV interaction.

The installation was shown at the INFINITE: Dimensions in Digital Art and Beyond exhibition at “The Mixc ART Shanghai” as well as the Interactive Media Arts end of semester show.

Video, Digital Media


Curse of the Demo Day

Power Station of Art
Curse of the Demo Day was a live performance and video art piece tight walking the line between reality and fiction. The piece explored the titular concept--a phenomenon in the world of interactive media art in which your project works fine until it comes time to show it to an audience--through intentional glitching, errors, and performance mishaps. The piece was a spiritual predecessor to HYPER REEL and contained much of the same material, and ultimately also explored simulation, simulacra, singularity, and the illusory nature of reality.

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