Kadallah is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative technologist using emerging technologies for social good. Right now, their research is in distributed artist and activist communities, while their art is currently focused on collaborative social art practice. 

Their work as a designer of ethical technologies has been recognized internationally by Microsoft, Intel, Biodesign Challenge, Cre8 Summit, and Zaojiu Youth. They have worked on projects showcased and performed in person at the Power Station of Art, MoMA PS1, and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and digitally in COMMON and in collaboration with the City of Seattle. Their work has been featured in Resident Advisor, China Daily, Kernel Magazine, Radii China, Brooklyn to Beijing, The Afrofuturist Podcast with Ahmed Best, GoFAR, and Speak Up! Speeches by Young People to Empower and Inspire. 

They are a co-creator of the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective, and a member of The Guild of Future Architects. They previously helped catalyze Currents.fm as one of the original team members.

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ANANSI Revolutionary Collective

The ANANSI Revolutionary Collective (ARC000) is a pro-Black, pan-African arts collective that stewards a commons of material resources, infrastructure, people-power, and knowledge. The collective is the steward of the emergent ANANSI philosophy, which is one of Black holistic distribution, seeking to disrupt mass centralization across various disciplines. The collective continually experiments with an emergent collection of collaborative praxis, including collective budgeting, consensus-based decision making, rotational responsibility, reparational funding, and collective mythmaking. We are building a governance model structured around a participatory protocol, which will include guidelines around membership, voting, praxis and project management, and altering the protocol.


Virtual Violence: Vectoralist Class Warfare and Abstract Antagonism

In 2022, my essay Virtual Violence: Vectoralist Class Warfare and Abstract Antagonism was published in Kernel Magazine. In the essay, I put the philosophy of McKenzie Wark, Slavoj Žižek, feminist scholars, Web3 participants, and the techno-skeptical in conversation with one another to define what violence means in this new virtual, vectorlist era. From there, I analyzed the Web3 ecosystem, a battlefield on the frontlines of this disguised evolution, in order to see how “virtual violences” shape our lived reality to ensure that power remains in the hands of a finite elite.

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A Moment In Between

24 hour Afrofuturist Juneteenth celebration, featuring an international line up of visionary Black artists, activists, and academics. Held virtually in the COMMON Multiverse, the event featured live performances from the Currents community, five themed planets, four embedded WebXR projects from the Traveling the Interstitium series, an experiment in time traveling through past COMMONs, and the Moment In Between stage hosted by The Guild of Future Architects.

Following the event, Martha Pazienti-Caidan and I produced a retrospective of the festival for Resident Advisor’s The Exchange--the first ever two-part episode for the series. 



Interactive Media Arts Capstone. Mixed reality docu-fiction series investigating the lives of vampires living in Shanghai.
Explored all aspects of production while aiming to learn about humanity through our diverse mythology around vampires.

The final iteration of the project was developed as a part of my capstone course work, but it is the result of merging two seperate inquiries: an exploration of UX design for XR and a docu-fictional approach to film making explored in two previous courses.




Depersonalization is a personal video poem made of 360º photos reflecting on the titular mental health condition. The piece made use of colors, computer generated voice, and the “1st person” VR mode in order to emulate the experience of depersonalization.

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