Kadallah is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative technologist using emerging technologies for social good. Right now, their research is in distributed artist and activist communities, while their art is currently focused on collaborative social art practice. 

Their work as a designer of ethical technologies has been recognized internationally by Microsoft, Intel, Biodesign Challenge, Cre8 Summit, and Zaojiu Youth. They have worked on projects showcased and performed in person at Munyu SpaceNafasi Art Space, Power Station of Art, MoMA PS1, and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and digitally in COMMON and in collaboration with the City of Seattle. Their work has been featured in Resident Advisor, China Daily, Kernel Magazine, Radii China, Brooklyn to Beijing, The Afrofuturist Podcast with Ahmed Best, GoFAR, and Speak Up! Speeches by Young People to Empower and Inspire. 

They are a co-creator of the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective, and a member of The Guild of Future Architects. They previously helped catalyze Currents.fm as one of the original team members.

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ANANSI Revolutionary Collective

The ANANSI Revolutionary Collective (ARC000) is a pro-Black, pan-African arts collective that stewards a commons of material resources, infrastructure, people-power, and knowledge. The collective is the steward of the emergent ANANSI philosophy, which is one of Black holistic distribution, seeking to disrupt mass centralization across various disciplines. The collective continually experiments with an emergent collection of collaborative praxis, including collective budgeting, consensus-based decision making, rotational responsibility, reparational funding, and collective mythmaking. We are building a governance model structured around a participatory protocol, which will include guidelines around membership, voting, praxis and project management, and altering the protocol.



DisCO.coop is a non-profit cooperative that produces models for ethical collaborative productive labor in the digital era. They incubate and promote practices that integrate care-based cultural practices, guided learning journeys, and DLT-based technological tools. They are the creators and stewards of the DisCO (Distributed Cooperative Organisation) philosophy, an organisational model for cooperative groups that combines ideas and practices from cooperativism, the commons, P2P and feminist economics.

During my time with DisCO.coop, I co-designed and facilitated workshops in Baltimore, Amsterdam, and Cape Town; provided my expertise on techno-politics and digital tools both internally and in consideration for the pending Pink Paper; connected the organization with my network of ethical technologists and changemakers; and offered continual highly considered feedback on the outward facing and inwardly practiced philosophy and praxis. 



Currents.fm is an online music streaming platform designed to create sustainable financial support for musicians and collectives. Rather than paying into the platform, fans subscribe or pay one-off “tips” to artists directly. In addition to the namesake music platform, Currents also developed COMMON, a digital club venue that enabled viewers to tip and subscribe to artists during their performances, and to discover new music organically by navigating the site much like one would a festival grounds. 

As one of the first employees of the company, I played a critical role in its founding, and saw my job shapeshifting to fit the needs of our artists. My primary focus was on creating a real, caring community. I developed and maintained various initiatives to support and connect artists, including: hosting regular "town hall" events to provide a safe environment for artists to connect with each other on a personal level, establishing and maintaining an asynchronous chat server for ongoing conversations between artists, and experimenting with scheduled and adhoc community events. I also conducted research and experimentation with decentralized and distributed networks, as well as virtual, physical, and hybrid artist communities. From a more creative stand point, I regularly produced, curated, and assisted with our digital festivals including A Moment In Between and 黑美.


Through a fusion of multimedia experiences, "Endemic" looks at an ongoing apocalypse, where feelings of helplessness, rage, and angst collide in a cacophony of artistic expression. In a convergence of diverse mediums and personas, artist Kadallah Burrowes lays out the crises we face, their interconnectedness, and the urgency of awakening to them. From the fringes of a technological singularity to the commercialization and erasure of spirituality.

"HYPER REEL," is a triptych of programmatic video collages exploring themes of simulation, simulacra, and the relentless march toward an uncertain future. These collages, ever-evolving with each viewing, invite viewers to confront the complexities of our digital age.

"060920WEATHERREPORT," is a short experimental film, the emerging polycrisis of our planet takes center stage, woven into the fabric of a DJ set recorded amidst the sweltering heat of a pandemic-stricken city. Set against the backdrop of a scorching Los Angeles, it serves as a reminder of our collective culpability in the face of environmental devastation.

"Hungry Ghost" is a series of photographs captured across China and Taiwan depicting the shifting landscapes of spiritual practice and cultural identity, highlighting the void left by societal upheaval, and the ways we find to cope. There are two visual motifs particularly interesting to focus on in this search for the spirit in an "atheist" authoritarian country and its freer child: passageways and the juxtaposition of spiritual icons with humans engaged in pleasurable acts.

Accompanying these images is "KINDLING FOR A REALM ON FIRE," a collection of poems that oscillate between scathing social commentary and introspective musings on identity in a world struggling to adapt.

"Endemic" is more than a visual feast—it's an interactive exploration of self-discovery and collective awakening. You are invited to create your own books and zines from assorted writings, poetry, and VR screenplays, forging connections amidst the chaos. Through the process of bookmaking, you are tasked with quite literally making meaning out of the work, taking abstract ideas and tying them to this physical plane. In an exhibition anchored by fast-paced, code-driven work, the interactive experience of creating books offers you time for contemplation.

There will also be a presentation by Nabalayo, Bakhita, chairkicker, and Mbeke with the good hair who are artists in the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective.

Melodies of SUNJIR0 and A9C-388 reverberate through the exhibition space, a sonic landscape that mirrors our collective consciousness—a journey marked by discord, yet punctuated by fleeting glimpses of resilience and transformation. Through its exploration of societal collapse, identity crisis, and environmental decay, "Endemic" lays bare the challenges we face, the harsh realities of a world teetering on the brink of oblivion.

poetry + book making event - Saturday 27.4.24, 3pm
Using different texts from poetry and prose, to VR screenplays and nonfiction to make books and zines. You are invited to create your own custom collections throughout the exhibition.


blue on a green world

"blue on a green world" is a highly spiritual album detailing SUNJIR0's return to C.A.$.H., their dystopian planet of origin. The album follows their journey over rediscovering a planet that they'd thought they'd escaped, and the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain spiritual peace while living in the depths of Mara. All of the tracks on the album were created in real-time with little to no composition or editing. The album was created using a wide range of technological techniques and tools, from Sonic Pi (Green World, Incoming_Transmission_0.3), to the Artiphon Instrument 1 and iPad (The Great Glitch, Seek Refuge, New Moon, G█████). The tracks were created on C.A.$.H., and transmitted for recording to Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Nairobi.

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