Kadallah is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative technologist using emerging technologies for social good. Right now, their research is in distributed artist and activist communities, while their art is currently focused on collaborative social art practice. 

Their work as a designer of ethical technologies has been recognized internationally by Microsoft, Intel, Biodesign Challenge, Cre8 Summit, and Zaojiu Youth. They have worked on projects showcased and performed in person at Nafasi Art Space, Power Station of Art, MoMA PS1, and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and digitally in COMMON and in collaboration with the City of Seattle. Their work has been featured in Resident Advisor, China Daily, Kernel Magazine, Radii China, Brooklyn to Beijing, The Afrofuturist Podcast with Ahmed Best, GoFAR, and Speak Up! Speeches by Young People to Empower and Inspire. 

They are a co-creator of the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective, and a member of The Guild of Future Architects. They previously helped catalyze Currents.fm as one of the original team members.

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blue on a green world

"blue on a green world" is a highly spiritual album detailing SUNJIR0's return to C.A.$.H., their dystopian planet of origin. The album follows their journey over rediscovering a planet that they'd thought they'd escaped, and the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain spiritual peace while living in the depths of Mara. All of the tracks on the album were created in real-time with little to no composition or editing. The album was created using a wide range of technological techniques and tools, from Sonic Pi (Green World, Incoming_Transmission_0.3), to the Artiphon Instrument 1 and iPad (The Great Glitch, Seek Refuge, New Moon, G█████). The tracks were created on C.A.$.H., and transmitted for recording to Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Nairobi.

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