Active is a conceptual design for a social network explicitly designed for social justice purposes. Ultimately, the project aims to enable potential activists everywhere to engage in civic disobedience by whatever means available to them. Be it through financial contributions, coding, or teaching their fellow freedom fighters.


The goal of the project was to design a social network that would help social activists engage with one another in order to enact change. Active was developed during the time leading up to and following the 2016 election, a moment when many people became aware of how social networks are used to influence elections worldwide. In many ways this project can be seen as a response to the political situation at the time. Though Active is just a concept, I wanted to demonstrate that everyone has a role to play in the fight for social justice, including technologists.


User Interface

The interface was inspired primarily by bulletin boards and Pinterest. While other websites centered around communities (Reddit, traditional forums, MeetUp.com, etc.) tend to organize posts in a listed text format, I wanted for each post to take up a significant amount of screen space in order to signify the weight of each post that the user chooses to engage with.

User Experience

While Active does aim to act as a hub for discourse for socially conscious communities, it also attempts to give people the tools necessary to bring about the change they’re seeking. With 6 different post types, Active enables users to engage with whatever cause they’re passionate about in the way that best fits them.

6 Ways to Engage

  1. Discussion

  2. Links

  3. Knowledge

  4. Event

  5. Fundraise

  6. Divest