Hello, my name is Kadallah — or 卡道夫 when I'm in China — and I'm passionate about creating art using code and emerging media techniques, as well as solving the world's problems through design. 

I graduated in 2018 from New York University Shanghai with a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Arts and a minor in Creative Writing. My graduating class was the second ever cohort to pass through the school, and I remember my days of studying and defining the campus culture fondly. 

I find myself at my most content when I'm pushing my own limits and exploring new possibilities. Because of my interest in the intersection of art and technology, I find myself gravitating towards new narrative technologies and design. I'm passionate about travel, though more importantly the cross-cultural understanding that comes from it. 

Currently, my focus is on narrative techniques in Virtual Reality; however, I continue to pursue my interests in design and other digital media arts.


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