Faced with the problem of an outdated prosthetics market that primarily aims to replicate the “natural” human grip and the physical appearance of the human hand, my collaborators and I conceptualized Adaptool, a modular prosthetic design that aims to empower amputees like never before.


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Combining myoelectric sensors that gauge when people are contracting their muscles with a port designed to allow different tools to connect directly to a user's arm, Adaptool essentially acts as a modular plug-and-play prosthetic. In turn, this means that tool designers can create products that operate without needing to worry about prosthetic-to-tool interaction. Take for example the screwdriver: with Adaptool, the user would be able to simply contract their arm muscles and turn their arm into a power drill rather than having to clamp or adhere their tool to their prosthetic and repeatedly turn a traditional screwdriver. And while this idea obviously has great implications for disabled people's right to work, it also has potential to increase their overall quality of life.


Che Wang

Ellina Nurmukhametova

Tong Wu


Award Winning Concept

Adaptool was presented at the 2015 Microsoft Design Expo and selected for the Most Impactful award.